Monday, August 29, 2011

Film Fest - Queen to Play

Queen to Play is a subtitled French film (there called .  Joueuse) which caught my eye because it co-stars Kevin Kline.  Though his French Kiss is one of my favorite films, who knew he really spoke French?  The main character is beautifully played by actress Caroline Bottaro.  Kline plays the mysterious-solitary-guru character to her under-dog-with-a-dream.  The island of Corsica is a character.  Chess is the arena.

I enjoyed it.  Good performances all round, lovely scenery, and who doesn't root for an under-dog?

Corsica - public domain image

BTW it's not too talky a film, so don't let subtitles scare you off.

Speaking of French Kiss - check it out.  Kevin Kline playing a ne'r-do-well Frenchman; Meg Ryan at her most appealing, a little quirky, charming, funny; Paris and the south of France; vineyards; reluctant romance... plus, as the clueless fiance explains, "a God-Ess, that's French for goddess."  Full of quotable lines!

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