Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Favorite Shows

Standard advice to parents is that you should never have favorite children...

Designers have favorite shows.  Sometimes it's because the show was a hit (we like hits!); or the show was a wonderful experience; always when you think your design was especially good (some just turn out better than others); or because the  material was especially touching to you in some way.  One of my favorites - for all those reasons - is WaterTower Theater's production of Enchanted April.  I was happy with my design.  (Rain on-stage!  How cool is that?)  Making and watching the show was great.  Terrific cast!

But above all that, I love the original novel by Elizabeth von Arnim.  There's a terrific movie version too.  I can't figure out why it isn't better known!  So I recently made a Squidoo page about Enchanted April. Check it out here (includes a few pics of sets, mine and others').

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