Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Another Posting from Wichita's Art Scene

Our roving arts reporter, Lindsey Herkommer, talks on radio KMUW about Midwestern photography - LINK.

This photo, by Linda Robinson reminds me of '30s paintings and WPA murals of the sort that featured The Heroic Worker (as blogged  here)... but softened by time and weather and rust.  Somewhat melancholy.
Photo courtesy of  Linda Robinson, borrowed from KMUW radio

I've always found the shapes of oil pumps fascinating - especially when working, heads bobbing up and down.  They remind me of the Hammering Man kinesthetic sculptures by Jonathan Borofsky - we have one at the Nasher Sculpture Center.
(That or, if I'm feeling low-brow, they remind me of Drinky-Birds.  Sorry, but Drinky-Birds are cool.) 

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