Thursday, July 14, 2011

Shop Local (for Architects)

I'm on an architecture riff, but I promise there's a point you theater folk will like.

Refreshing to read this article in Stage Directions that Chicago's Writers' Theater, after a world-wide search, chose a local architecture firm to design their new North Shore performance space.  Studio Gang Architects is award-winning etc.  and Chicago-local.
public domain image courtesy of  Balaban Katz Foundation

"Good Designers Here at Home," is a slogan I  wish Dallas would embrace instead of our so-not-proving-the-point "World Class City."  Do you see Paris saying that?  "Ville de classe du monde!"  I think not.  Nor New York City nor London nor Tokoyo nor Santa Fe.  World class?  If you is, you don't gotta say it.

And right here at home we have award-winning architects...  How many have gotten to design theater facilities for our Arts District?

Dallas!  Pull up your socks, stand up straight, and be the very best Dallas you can be!  Nurture and hire local talent.

PS  I've just been asked to consult on a small local theater's digs.  Could be fun.  I'll keep you posted.

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