Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Set Design Life

For the next show at Circle Theatre, Becky's New Car, I need a big photo mural... a view of sky, pine trees, road, and a car.

Naturally, it's impossible to find a public domain Use-Me-Free! photo that's perfect, so I've been scrounging the internet, messing with possible photos, trying to digitally add cars etc. etc.  Since I'm a novice digital manipulator... You can imagine the electronic mess.  Yesterday I so overloaded my faithful laptop that it completely froze.

Solid.  Icy.  Frozen.  For loooong arctic minutes.

Scared me.  I called my on-line IT staff.  Waited.

Eventually the machine unfroze.  Who knows why?

Finally I spliced my images convincingly.  After other electronic trials I got email transmission of them to transmiss - abandoning only one email because it wouldn't "attach" and after only one "failure to deliver".  Got the (gulp) printer's price.  Talked with the producer...

And here's where the flexibility needed to set design comes in - in that discussion I discovered the producer was reluctant about the cost mainly because the car made this background less usable for future shows.  Seein' as how he'd be spending so much on it.  Understandable. So we kicked ideas around and decided the car could be a separate image, mounted on board, standing in front of the background all super-hero-cut-out-like.  Plausible for an auto dealership.  This lets the mural get printed faster (important).  And makes the mural a more flexible to re-use investment.  And the free-standing car offers some theatrical possibilities... hmmmm.  Must talk to director...

Flexibility - the designer's friend.

Becky's New Car opening soon!

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