Sunday, July 10, 2011

Film Fest Outing - Larry Crowne

Larry Crowne is a good new movie with Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts.  He plays an every-(middleaged)-man who turns his recession damaged life around through community college.  Roberts, his professor, has her own problems...  Nice performances by stars and an ensemble of old navy buddies, neighbors with a perpetual yard sale, and students in a public-speaking class and a scooter-gang.  A quirkier film than you'd expect.

But the audience was entirely over 40.  These folks have followed Hanks and Roberts their whole careers, I'd guess, and could see the lingering boy from Big in Larry's face and the glowing, coltish Pretty Woman in the final moments of Robert's character, adding poignancy.  And it's true this movie's themes are going to resonate most with folks old enough to have been kicked around by life... but if youngsters miss this film they are missing out.

It got me wondering: How, as a movie star, can you introduce yourself to a new generation of moviegoers?

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