Friday, July 29, 2011

Film Fest - Captain America

I enjoyed this movie a lot!  I liked Captain America much more than the lukewarm local review led me to expect.

You just have to go with it, ride along with the story on its own retro terms...  This is an old-fashioned, corn-fed, American hero with the straight-forward goodness and bravery that belongs on the front of a box of Wheaties.  Thank goodness the filmmakers had the good sense to take him seriously - no nudges, winks, or cynicism - and make this adventure an honest period piece.
Captain America is, of course, copyrighted by Marvel Comics.  I believe this is fair-use.

(Minor spoiler)  At the very end, Captain America finds himself in present day Times Square...  Frankly I'm looking forward to seeing him cope with modern America in the up-coming Avengers movie.  Seeing the aw-shucks modest Captain America dealing with the Old-Norse bragging of Thor ought to be fun too.  Now, even if Joss Whedon weren't directing that film, I'd be looking forward to it.

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