Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Dreaded Sofa

Looked for a sofa today.  One of the hardest things to find for a theater set is a sofa.

If a theater has a warehouse, they don't like to waste space storing sofas.  If they don't... where would they?  Chairs, tables, even beds can stack, hang, come apart for storage... but not a couch.  So there are few stock sofas.  Borrowing a davenport from civilians is also iffy - people miss their sofa if they loan it out.  Besides, what if you ruin it onstage or in transit, and have to replace it?  A sofa is bulky, awkward, and, inevitably, has to be carried downstairs.  And turns out to be a sofa bed - built of concrete and cast iron.

But sofas are specific in style.  They matter!  A designer can't use any old thing.  Yet loaners are rare, rentals are expensive, and reupholstering one to fit your scenic design is a major and expensive chore requiring Advanced Skills.


Hate 'em.
Except for this one, the "Climbing Settee" by Lila Lang.  See it here at Decorfair.  So cool  I have to love it.

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