Friday, July 22, 2011

Designer's Life - First Drafts

When the audience sees the sleekly finished design - of a set, building, pastry, or sneaker design - they never realize just how horrid the very first version was.  The awful early scribble.

Well, just to give you an idea, here are a couple nasty first drafts of a plan for The Vibrator Play... which will look nothing like this!
My first(ish) idea: well, that didn't work.  See the stair at center stage?  Doesn't fit.  Can't get up or down fast enough to get out of the way of, among other things, actor entrances or an existing building stair and ramp.  Plus lots of other problems.
Second(ish) try... fumbling attempts to move that stair.

The biggest difficulty for me yesterday in getting a working plan was the stage's exit ramp, which obtrudes deep into stage left.  With its necessary landing/entry area, it eats up a chunk of prime space in Kitchen Dog's black box theater.  That big arrow on the left?  The audience entrance - right through the set!  This is a tricky - though exciting - space.  And I think I've now got it licked.  Come to the show to see my sleight-of-hand plan solution!

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  1. You asked about my salvage yard photo. I'd be happy to share as long as it is credited. It was taken on private property but I doubt it would get either of us into any trouble. Just let me know how you would like to get the photo--JPEG? I took it a long time ago so I'm not sure where I've stored the original!
    You can e-mail me at skron11 at gmail dot com. I'm out of town this next Tuesday so if you are in a hurry this weekend is a good time to reach me.
    I like your blog. Thanks for visiting mine.