Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Architecture and Cardboard Architecture

While in Rotterdam I visited its contemporary art museum, the Kunsthal, designed by Rem Koolhaas.  (Rotterdam hired a local architect!  Dallas take note.)

The Kunsthal is an interesting and successful design, I think.

The architecture - form, materials, circulation - works with the building's function - in this case, exhibition space, auditorium, museum shop, offices etc, and a walk-through to a park beyond.  I don't think Dallas' Wylie Theatre, by Koolhaas and Prince-Ramus,  is nearly as happy a collaboration of form and function.  But the Kunsthal works: public spaces are gracious;  circulation seems to flow (except for the client-afterthought? that makes visitors double-back to check umbrellas); gallery facilities seem accommodating, with good lighting; and the building's playful attitude and materials are exactly in the spirit of contemporary art.

I enjoyed and admired the building - my new favorite Koolhaas.
Within this museum was a sprawling exhibit of work by artist Ayako Rokkaku, who takes humble materials like cardboard and adds brilliant color in a child-like, Anime-tinged style to create sophisticated images.  

My favorite was probably her playhouse/sculpture built of cardboard.

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