Wednesday, June 15, 2011


It'd be easier to see the orderly, step-by-step process of designing then building and completing a theater set, if you didn't always overlap one stage with another...  For instance, I'm at the last stages of finishing Five Women Wearing the Same Dress, but also in the earliest stages of reading and talking to the director for Sara Ruhl's In the Next Room: or the Vibrator Play.  While, on my drafting board, are first scribbles for Becky's New Car.

But it's not just that one show overlaps another - on the same stage, same show, one stage of completion often nudges against another.  Yesterday set dressing for Five Women was (mostly) completed, yet today I need to go back and repaint the floor where ladders scarred it.  (Ladders for delayed arch painting and chandelier hanging.)  So there I'll be, juggling clumsy paint buckets and drippy brushes, trying not to klutz paint on fabrics or rugs, or to break china, just like a toddler loose in her big sister's dollhouse. Overlap!

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