Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lunch 'N Learn on Blogging etc.

Rainmaker Advertising held an interesting lunch seminar recently on how to create web-content.  (Like this.)

The secrets of SEO and Cloud words and Tags and other arcana were demystified.  It seems the way to Attract Traffic and Clicks and Stuff... is it just flat write things worth reading.  No escape from hard work, huh?  Along with the resident Rainmaker expert was a very interesting speaker, Joseph Crisalli, who is a writer of historical novels and a blogger at  For me, it was really useful to hear an author talking about using the internet to promote his books.  The old Author's Platform... all those blogs, articles, interviews on Oprah needed to shill a few books.  More work than writing the book, frankly.

Oh!  BTW  I have now sold my first copy of Alice Through the Proscenium overseas!  My book, you know.  In Great Britain.  It sounds so swanky: "I have foreign sale."  It'll sound all the better when I sell another:
"Foreign Sales!"  Should have made that one book a two-fer deal, huh?

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