Friday, June 10, 2011

I Like It!

I watched Trinity Shakespeare's As You Like It last night... really liked it.  Always a relief, after working on a show, to like the result, but this production is, I think, good Shakespeare.  Strongly cast, well acted and directed, and looks great, with a nice set (if I say it myself) and gorgeous lighting and 1900's costumes.  The clowns are excellent: foolish/wise Touchstone and melancholy Jaques.  While Rosalind and Celia... shoot! all the actors are good.  But the astonishing part is that the production captures the giddiness of love at first sight, the silly, dizzy delight - and goofiness! - of infatuation.

Quick!  Dash off to TCU to see this charming (air conditioned!) summer Shakespeare.  Playing in repertory with "The Scottish Play" or as we called it "Mackers."  (It being thought unlucky to say the name out loud in a theater: you know, "Macbeth."  Sssh!)  I haven't seen this yet, but the set is terrific.

Did you know the phrase "too much of a good thing" is the Bard's?

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