Friday, June 3, 2011

Film Festing

A funny assortment of film and TV today:

I made my first visit to Austin's famed Alamo drafthouse last weekend (the S. Lamar venue) to re-watch the latest Pirates movie.  I liked it better the second time: I wasn't distracted by waiting for things I hoped would be in the movie, thus free to enjoy what actually was but, most importantly, the goofy pre-show pirate theme film clips (of the Disney Pirates ride, a You Tube-ish ad for home-made pirate capes with a charmingly bored kid modeling them, a baaaad pirate music video, a cardboard boat captained by a real cat in a pirate hat etc.) and the silly 3D glasses put me in the proper mood for this romp.  Plus my burger was very good.

I watched a weird alien-attack film called Skyline that, up to the end, was a not that memorable B or even C movie with remarkably silly alien biology that required human brains... but the ending!  (See end of post for Spoiler, if you like.)

Still working my way through Battlestar Galactica - and the writers still keep their mastery of The Cliffhanger, curse them.  My fingernails are getting sore with all this nail-biting and cliff-hanging!  Also working through Veronica Mars, a show I'm enjoying more and more.

And the latest Woody Allen is out!  Midnight in Paris.  And sounds good!!  Must See!!!

BIG SPOILER for SKYLINE: All that silly brain removal?  The film actually ends with the good guys getting sucked up into the alien ship and the Hero's brain removed and "his" alien (the one with his brain) recognizing the Girl and...  mind-blowing.  Almost enough to make 2 hours of lame dialogue and action worth the kick at the end.  Weird!

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