Monday, May 2, 2011

Theater Interrupted...

Yesterday was Tech for Broadway Our Way (a fun show, I think).  Midway through, an actress stuck her head from stage left to announce, "They've got Bin Laden's body!"  Rehearsal continued.

Another non sequitur is how I heard of 9/11 - an overheard fragment of talk, then realizing that radio was being broadcast throughout the fabric store where I was shopping for a show, "...smoke rising from the Pentagon..."  Both times it took a while for the news to sink in, but this morning I feel a fierce  satisfaction.  Am a little ashamed of that satisfaction.

Imagine living such a life that thousands, millions, celebrate your violent death?


The post I'd been intending to write (before this news) was a peaceful one about an almost-rainy afternoon in the lovely gardens of the Valley House Gallery.  Statues, mostly human figures of what looks like earthenware, dot the grounds and gaze at the pond, with a group of crouching figures, arms wrapped round their bodies, waiting stoically under a tree.  In the gallery is an exhibit of paintings by Henry Finkelstein.  Fantastic color!  My favorite was an interior in an expressionistic mustard-y yellow, showing a marble fireplace mantel with a bust of Minerva.  Gorgeous.

I'd been returning from a trip to WaterTower Theater to photograph my Lady set, happened to see the "garden party" sign, and stopped on a whim.  I should stop more often - it's a good gallery and there's something soul-restoring in those gardens.
photo courtesy of Valley House Gallery

Maybe the world's struggle is not really between governments and causes...  Maybe the basic conflict is between making and breaking - between the human impulses to tear down or to build up?  So fiercely satisfying to smash! So much quieter and more difficult to create art or a garden.  Thankless tasks, often. Yet, how can a sane person prefer death over life?

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