Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pimping My Ride

One unexpected result of this blog is that I've started practicing with computer graphics.

Blog entries just look so empty without an illustration!  So, after recycling all my sketches I can, I find myself searching for public domain images - like Tenniel's wonderful Alice in Wonderland illustrations - then tweaking and combining and coloring and...  There's no end to it.

The illustrations are starting to develop a life of their own:  like Alice with her newly pimped ride:
Alice just wasn't satisfied, even after I painted on the name of her vehicle (learning how to distort lettering was a trick).  Not satisfied until she had both colored wheel rims and a hood ornament of the muse of theater painting, Scenosmearia.

(My late buddy Wade Giampa would have laughed hard at "Scenosmearia."  According to him, there are scenic artists or painters and there are "smearers."  I, alas, am only a smearer, but Wade was a beautiful painter.  I remember visiting him on stage once as he was painting - a flick of his brush became a birch tree, half an hour and he had a whole birch forest.  Amazing.  Good painters are amazing.  I miss Wade.)

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