Tuesday, May 10, 2011


What a lot of running around - I think I drove a huge clock-wise circle around Fort Worth.

Set dressing.  First there was a trip to the big theater warehouse to pick up some furniture, but mostly to confirm that, yup, there are no chairs like what I need: 3 (not 2, 2 is easy) matching, side-chairs with arms, paintable, and, by preference, bentwood style.  Zip.  So after that a run to a fabric store for the muslin I keep forgetting (a liner to the plexi-glass faux glass block wall); on to Garden Ridge for cute, cheap, colorful chairs; on to my noon meeting; back to deliver chairs and fabric; home.  Sit.

A big part of set designing ought to be called set-driving.

(I once heard an amusing description of the New York City version of my day, except that designer was lugging furniture on the subway.  Poor soul.)

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