Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Less Serene Today

A bit more painting.  Basically, there's no end to doing the fiddly stuff on a set - eventually you just stop because the audience comes filing in...  Today there was company and chat (gossip? never!) and a more bustling feeling as Opening gets closer.  Broadway Our Way. Uptown Players.  Friday.  Be there.

But before putting on my I-live-under-a-bridge painting fashion wear, I wore my architect-uniform for a continuing ed. lunch seminar.  Exciting stuff.  Insulation.  Yep.  Not just any insulation either: polyisocyanurate.   (Good roast beef sandwich.)  The previous lunch seminar was on elevators and more exciting since elevator systems have changed since I used to read the textbook on the subject - years after school - on those nights when I had insomnia.
image courtesy of Clipart Graphics

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