Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Love Theater People - They're Handy

A Set Designer kinda day.  More driving, this time I visited the stage and shop at TCU where my As You Like It set is being built.  The raked, twisted platform is built (looks and feels great!).  The stage right and stage left legs with their portals are built and up, making big upside down U shapes.  Trees are coming: I saw sono-tube trunks and cut foam branches.  I was very encouraged at the progress.

Then I walked to my car.  Dead.

Battery okay.  Gas okay.  No start, no sound, no click even.

Walked back to the theater for succor (in the form of internet searches for tow trucks etc.).  Instead I got a helpful and handy lighting designer who whacked my car with a hammer until it started.

Tomorrow I'll be visiting a different kind of "shop."  What a day.

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