Monday, May 30, 2011

Historic Preservation

Today's walk around the Texas State Capitol was a good show-N-tell tour of how architectural preservation and restoration should be done.

The handsome original Victorian-Classical building - of pink Texas granite - was restored to almost its original condition... but with air conditioning, elevators, public restrooms, modern security, and all those useful anachronisms.  The best additions of earlier periods, like the beautiful terrazzo floors that replaced the earliest tile ones, were kept, with a small area of tile flooring restored? re-installed? to show visitors how things used to be.  At the same time that the old structure was being lovingly refreshed, a brand new addition was built at the north side - creating a new lawn dotted with memorials and a new sub-surface mall that ties together the capitol and several adjacent government office buildings, plus a (much needed) garage and public amenities.

A very successful merging of history and modernity, sentiment and practicality.
image courtesy of Son of the South

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