Sunday, May 15, 2011

Film Fest

I recently watched two films with only one thing in common: Natalie Portman.

The first was Black Swan, where she gave a riveting performance as the White Swan ballerina struggling (in every sense) with the role of Black Swan.  A lot has been written about this film, so I'll only say, "See it."

The second was the newest super hero movie Thor, which I enjoyed.  Thor isn't a comics hero that I know well (I lean more Batman and Spiderman), but the contrast between the high language of Asgard and the comedic moments in modern New Mexico were fun.  Plus the interest of seeing Kenneth Branagh directing a comic book hero.  Portman was fine and funny, but didn't have quite enough to do; the actor playing Thor did, I thought, very well.  It'll be interesting to see Thor reacting with, say, Captain America, in the up-coming Avengers film that Joss Whedon is directing.

Off to see the Dallas Theater Center's Cabaret...

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