Friday, May 20, 2011

Architect Barbie ?

Make that Barbie TM.  Spare me, please!  No, I'm okay, deep breaths, deeep breaths.  Architect Barbie - sure, why not?  Barbie has been an astronaut, after all, and probably a brain surgeon, as well as a princess.  But no pink on the architect dress!  For all I know, pink spacesuits and surgical scrubs may be realistic, but architects wear black.  Now, I wouldn't wear those heels, but I have seen them at job sites.  At least Mattel didn't include any sequins or tiaras.  But - oh no! - her little bitty architectural model (of a Dream House) is, is, is PINK!

At Architizer Blog or see her sweet little model on her site.

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