Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tech Weekend and Scenic Painting

Things are getting busy, scenic-ly.

Yesterday I helped finish base painting on Broadway Our Way.  Theoretically set designers have a scenic artist to "finish" paint their sets (meaning the cool techniques, faux finishes, and/or fool-the-eye stuff) plus painters or carpenters to do the base painting before that.

In the real world of real theaters, base painting tends to be a carpenter job and scenic painting is done by - flip a coin - either a scenic painter or the designer, depending on what talent and money is available.  I paint my own sets about half the time and almost always paint something, if only some furniture.  Since Broadway is coming up on Tech and there's still raw wood, I pitched in...  which means my "real" painting hasn't happened yet.  I'm not too panicked though, as panels are finally going up on the framework and beads have been found, so the set may actually (touch wood) get finished before Thursday's first audience.  More painting today - Tech tomorrow.

Friday night Date Night?  A production meeting on Marvin's Room.  Sigh.

The Traveling Lady closes Sunday!  Catch it fast.

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