Friday, April 1, 2011


Another excerpt from the "Design Methods" chapter of Alice Through the Proscenium: a short one today because the next section is a bit long to add on...

Experiment  Toss the rules.  The habits.  The ego.  Make a fool of yourself! 

If you’re stuck on large massing, try a big sheet of brown paper and a fat pastel, charcoal, or cattle marker (designed to mark cows, I swear).  If working on detail, try a tight drawing with a fine pen.  Reverse that.  Draw the big idea very tiny on a cocktail napkin to distill it.  You’ll find methods you like, but vary them often.
Get out of a mental rut by learning something new.  Take a hike on a path less traveled.  Pick a random book at the library or bookstore on a topic you know little about: Ancient art, Bangladesh, Collecting cars…  Go through the alphabet.  Flip pictures, skim - you may get hooked.  This also makes a great surreptitious game at parties: exploring other people’s bookcases. 4.20

4.20  Makes you want to hide a few of your books before your next soiree.  No books?  For shame!

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