Thursday, April 7, 2011

POD Chairs!

POD, or Print on Demand, is the new-wave of book publishing.  It allows niche writers (like me) with too small a public to interest a publishing house (who prefer to make big profits) to publish themselves.  Used to be an author could self-publish... but might be stuck mortgaging their house to afford to... then filling that house's garage with unsold books.  Now each book sold is printed as it's sold.  POD

The writer/artist can afford to publish their own work.

The music industry has been doing something like this, as we see from the recording establishment's profits these days.  (They angered too many "little" musicians in favor of blockbusters.)  The book publishing industry is going the same way: corporate blockbusters or Independents.  And, heck! the film industry invented the phrases "Indie" and "Blockbuster."

Now furniture: here's a POD for chairs Diatom Studio
Exciting times.  I think I'm going to need new chairs soon...

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