Monday, March 28, 2011


Aaahh!  The set designer's life.

A very short blog today (though I have tons of topic) because I'm in crunch.  Big time.  Yesterday was Tech at WaterTower for The Traveling Lady.  It's going to be beautiful... eventually.  This is an environmental set - an east Texas house and porch in a yard at early spring.  The carpenters and painters are doing wonders, building topography (which is hard to do!), creating a slightly sloped yard and a tumbled bank at stage edge where - theoretically - there's a bit of a seasonal creek with a rock ledge and a few cattails and spring wildflowers, sloping down to the cemetery at SL.  Lots of work.  And when they're done, I (mostly) get to plant all the weeds, since I find that few carpenters or painters have an eye for making foliage look natural.

Meanwhile, I've got two sets of construction drawings for other shows to just whip off.  That muted, rythmic thudding you hear?  That's me beating my head against my drafting board.

BTW  Boeing, Boeing closes soon.  Now's your chance to zip over to Fort Worth and catch a last glimpse of this very funny play.

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