Friday, February 25, 2011

Two Views: One Kitchen

Checking out BRW Creative (the architecture office's in-house blog) led me to these fascinating photos which perfectly illustrate the way architects versus non-architects can view the same space...  The architects tend to like it more austere; the civilians not so much.
This is the same room - all that has changed is the addition of a few (still pretty austere) bits of set dressing - a few blooming branches, a loaf of bread on a wood board, and a toaster - and that the second photo has more flattering side lighting, while the camera's view includes the warm wood floor and table.   

Imagine this room if those shelves were stacked with colorful Fiestaware plates and bowls and if the tables held colored vegetables? RED tomatoes?  GREEN peppers?  YELLOW squash?  As it is, the delicate pink of the blossoms has never seemed so powerful.

Set dressing.  (And color.)  Very important things.

I just noticed: the magazine also edited out a big air vent in that duct...  Cheat-y Photoshop-y.  Photos borrowed from Habitually Chic, originally from Domino magazine

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