Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Runnin' Around

The designer's life seems to go in tide-in, tide-out cycles.  Suddenly from (snowed in) quiet sketching I'm now in a nutsy runnin' around period.

Yesterday I saw the Boeing Boeing set in Fort Worth for the first time post-snow... construction has leaped forward - all the walls and doors are in place now.  It was Fun With Fabric Day... I got to look round the discount fabric warehouses for set-sofa upholstery (also found great '60s curtain fabric).  Today I pick up my apprentice and my paint chips and drive back to Fort Worth to start painting views of Paris on the walls.  Meanwhile, there's a Shakespeare crying out to be sketched and I think modeled.  (Some shows are drawing shows, some are model shows.)  And - after some very helpful notes from a reader - I need to make last adjustments to my Alice book...  so my on-going struggles with book formatting will go on on-going a little longer...

Busy, busy.

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