Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Book (progress) Report

Alice Through the Proscenium is slowly inching through the publication process.  I've now made corrections suggested by readers, made all the I-can't-believe-I-hadn't-realized-this-was-missing additions, caught last minute typos you can't see on a monitor but that GLARE at you from a printout, (all the usual authorial waffling), and have now sent off for an officially printed and bound copy... so I can see what I-can't-believe-I-never-caught-that! errors have still slipped past.  Releasing the e-version waits on print (as it should).  So...  Maybe a week away?
Fingers crossed.

A very cool side effect of all this publication jazz is that I now have a publishing co. - with ISBN numbers and everything, all official.  Picture a red velvet drape being pulled away with great drama and dignity:

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