Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Exact Word-iness

I was idly reading my Vitruvius yesterday, as one does...

(Who doesn't? Okay, okay, I was waiting and it was handy.) Every architecture student buys a tattered paperback of this Roman architect's The Ten Books on Architecture - in print since A.D. 76.

His literary style is compared to the scintillating wit of written specifications, but his advice is still good:

"[The architect] must have a knowledge of drawing so that he can readily make sketches to show the appearance of the work he proposes." See? Good - if kinda "duh."

Or my favorite...

"As for philosophy, it makes an architect high-minded and not self-assuming, but rather renders him courteous, just, and honest without avariciousness. This is very important, for no work can be rightly done without honesty and incorruptibility."

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