Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Enter, Pursued by a Bear

Well, okay, no actual, real, live bear in pursuit... but at a run, certainly, pursued by deadlines.

This year started New Year's Eve with the opening of Pegasus Theatre's Death Is No Small Change - my first black & white production. Celebrating the B films of the '30s and '40s, these shows feature set, lighting, costumes, and props all in black, white, and gray scale... even the actors wear gray makeup. Then, at the end of the evening the producer walks out in a red dress, to stunning effect. Lots of fun!

Designers book shows early. Starting 2011 I'm already signed on for nine shows: the entire season at Circle Theatre in Fort Worth, starting with Boeing Boeing opening in February; The Traveling Lady, WaterTower Theatre's entry in the Horton Foote Festival, in March; Trinity Shakespeare Festival's As You Like It briskly followed by Five Women Wearing the Same Dress for Contemporary Theatre of Dallas, both opening in June; and my last Circle show is in November, ten months away.

As I figure out this Blog Thing I'll find a way to post up-coming shows here -
just in case you want to buy a ticket, eh?

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