Sunday, January 16, 2011


I was at Kitchen Dog for a few hours of Build...

Kitchen Dog Theater (for those who don't know) is resident company at the McKinney Avenue Contemporary, a fascinating, quirky blue building that houses art galleries and theater spaces. Kitchen Dog fills the theaters with mostly new works, plus a few classics. It is Macbeth being built.

The whole company - actors, designers, directors, stage managers, playwrights, and all - are called in. So the work is punctuated pleasantly with a lot of "Hey! How've you been?" as friends catch up with each other.

My share yesterday was to lug big galvanized pipes from the semi-basement to the big space, then help Tinker-Toy them together into supports for audience seating. Kinda fun. We tightened the twisting "lock" rings by whacking them with a hammer: cloying! cloooying!! cloooying!!!

Fun. Therapeutic too, I bet, good for working off aggression.

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