Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Brain (and Heart) Transfers

I saw the traveling Young Frankenstein this weekend. Amusing. The actors were terrific - Igor a favorite. "Putting On The Ritz" was exhilarating, its shadow-play hilarious.

But it was interesting to see how the feeling of the story changed between stage and film: all those dancing villagers and smuttier jokes, the explicitness of "My Boyfriend"were a world away from the occasional melancholy and sweetness of the film. I missed the haunting tune that called the Monster and true-love between the Dr. and Inga.

A side note: the lightening zapper/brain transference machine was pretty cool, but I think we did as well with our Black & White version for Death is No Small Change. I was proud of it before, but considering the difference in budgets... I think now we made miracles.

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