Friday, January 28, 2011

Arts Fund Raiser - Paaaartee!

Tomorrow is Kitchen Dog Theater's cool annual Hootch & Pootch party.  Always good fun.  Buy your ticket right here: Party Pass!

Go!  spend money!  Support one of the best theaters... well, in a loooong travel in any direction, frankly.  We do New Work - hardly anyone else does - better than that, we do Good Work both new and old.

So go party.  And if you buy one of the mystery bags you might get lucky and find one of my unique collaged jewelry pieces.  This year I made a big assortment, from silly bejeweled Mexican Bingo card badges to serious silver and collage art necklaces and pins.   Adorn yourself with micro-art.  (Whoever gets the Humpty Dumpty locket... I almost kept that.  I did keep the Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum pin with the goofy hand-blown glass beads.)  But there's the Tahitian lady on mother-of-pearl and the "language of flowers" necklaces up, literally, for grabs.  Catch Humpty quick!

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